I’m locked out and it’s 2am! Can you help me get into my garage now ?​

Yes, our 24/7/365 service team is available day or night to assist you anytime. 

I’m worried that my current door is no longer working safely. How can I learn more without a visit ?

We’ve created several videos to help you understand and identify safety issues.

When do I need a new door and when is it a good idea to repair ? 

Safety is our first priority, so if we don’t think your door can safely operate after a simple repair, we will likely recommend a new door.  Our expert team of technicians will come to your home and give you a full assessment of your current garage door setup. 

Do I need a new opener if my door stops moving before it’s all the way down ?

Probably not. Often, our team of technicians can adjust the pressure sensitivity or realign the current safety eyes on your existing garage door opener.  

What is the process for installing new doors ? 

Using our team of expert technicians, you can leave the installation process up to us!  Contact us today for full details about our processes and customer experience. 

How will new doors change the appearance of my home ?

New doors from our full lineup of doors will increase curb appeal and add value to any home.    

I don’t want the new doors to stand out. Can I get doors that are the same color as my house ? 

Yes, an exciting new process allows us to offer door design systems to allow us to match your new door to any color.